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How it works

Say you're a hospital nurse in Brooklyn who receives a Russian patient into the ER. Or, you're a college professor in Santa Fe with a Deaf student in your class. Or perhaps you're a social worker in a Hispanic community in Arizona.

All three situations could have one thing in common:
A language barrier.

VRI Direct helps break down that barrier by connecting individuals with qualified language interpreters—all through a simple, affordable, easy to use website.

How easy is it?

1. Log in
2. Select your desired language, skill and gender
3. Place the call!

Here are just a few great customers that trust VRI Direct technology for their VRI needs.

About us The genesis of VRI Direct

When local interpreting work was displaced by national VRI companies that used interpreters from other states and countries, the concept of improving access and services with an innovative program to provide interpreters, agencies, and their clients the ability to compete effectively emerged as necessary and feasible.

With the development of new technologies and the recruitment of an experienced team, the concept has become a reality in VRI Direct, which puts the keys in the hands of those who drive the business of interpreting: the interpreters, agencies, and their clients.

VRI Direct's management team consists of interpreters, men, women, Latinos, and the Deaf. We come from all walks of life but share one passion: To provide technology that helps break down language barriers.

24  years of combined

ASL interpreting experience

27  years of combined

in computer engineering

32  years of combined

consulting experience

47  years of combined

experience in cultural mediation

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